How to Use the Catalog: Intro


Explore our catalog with the search box in the top right to find books, movies, music and more. Have questions? Ask a Librarian!


Register: Create a username for basic account functions.

My APL Account: Manage settings, see checkouts and more.

Privacy: Learn about privacy so you share only what you want.

Search: Get tips on finding books, movies, music and more.

Holds: Get in line for an item and/or transfer it to your branch.

Renew: Get more time for an item you haven't finished.

Optional Features

My Profile: Share details about your interests.

My Shelves: Save books and more to virtual shelves.

My Lists: Create lists of items for personal use or to share.

Get Social: Learn about item rating, reviewing, tagging and more.

eBooks + More

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Many eBooks, eAudiobooks and digital magazines are in the catalog, but search results will be incomplete.

For up-to-date, comprehensive results, search individual collections directly in the Virtual Library.

Want to know how to access and navigate our Virtual Library? Watch this APL+ video for details.

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