How to Use the Catalog: My Lists

What is a List?

Lists are collections of up to 100 items based on a theme. You can create private lists for your personal use or public lists that you share.

If an item is on a public list, the list is linked on the item's info page. This is useful for finding similar titles.

Create a List

  1. Go to My APL: My Lists and log in if prompted.
  2. Click the Create a New List button
  3. Choose a List Type, create a List Name and enter a List Description. If you want the list private, check the box. All options can be changed later if desired.

    Checkbox for the list privacy setting.
  4. Click Create List.

Add Items from List View

  1. Go to My Lists, click the list you want, then click the button for what you want.

    Buttons to "Add a Catalog Item" and "Add a Web Address."
  2. For websites, enter the web address and link title and click Add.
    For catalog items, search for the item:

    "Austin City Limits" is entered in the search box.
  3. Find the item you want and click Add. It will appear on your List.

    "Austin City Limits: A History" was found. A circle is drawn around the Add icon.
Note: If you don't find the item, you cannot add it at this time. This used to be an option through, but they disabled it. The catalog company BiblioCommons is looking for a solution.


Add Items from a Search

  1. After running a search, click an item's title to see its information page.
  2. Select + Add. This is on the right side on wide screens and further down the page on small screens.

    Arrow indicating the +Add link next to Listed heading.
  3. Log in if prompted. You can then create a new list for the item or place it on an existing list.

Annotate and Reorder

Arrow indicating the Add icon on the book, "Austin City Limits: A History."Annotate: To add a short note about the item, go to My Lists, click a list's name and click Add by the item. Enter your annotation and click Save.

Reorder: To move items around, click-and-drag the green up/down arrows