How to Use the Catalog: My Profile

What is My Profile?

You can use My Profile to share your interests with others. It shows your Completed Shelf and any Lists that you've created, and you can add links to your website and Twitter account.

Adding details to My Profile is optional and limited to users age 13 or older. Learn about Privacy for My Profile.

Add Details to My Profile

Screenshot with circles indicating areas that can be edited: + Add Personal Description, + Add your Website, + Add your Twitter

  1. Go to My Profile. Log in if prompted.
  2. Click Add/Edit Profile Details near your username.
  3. Click the plus signs in each section and add details.
    • Change a detail by clicking Edit 
    • Remove an interest by clicking X  

Completed Items, Shelves + Lists

Screenshot showing three books recently added to a Completed Shelf.The Completed Shelf section is dynamically generated. To make titles appear, add items to your Completed Shelf. Private items will be visible to you when you're logged in, but others will see only your public items. Shelves and lists can also be browsed. You see everything; others see only what has been set to publicly shared or visible.

Learn about
adding books to shelves and shelf privacy.

Learn about creating lists and list privacy.