How to Use the Catalog: My Lists

What is a List?

Lists are collections of up to 100 items based on a theme. Drafts are visible only to you. You can choose who sees your Published Lists

When an item is on a visible list, that list is linked on the item's info page. This is useful for finding similar titles.

Create a List

  1. Go to My APL: My Lists and log in if prompted.
  2. Select  
  3. Choose a list category:
    • For Guides and Recommendations, choose a list type and then add a title and description.
    • For If You Liked, add the primary comparison item in the Find an item to compare to… box. In the Because... box, tell people why they will like the items you plan to add. 

Add Items from List View

  1. Go to My Lists. Select Edit to the far right of the list you want.
  2. Select Add to List.
  3. Choose Catalog Item or Web URL.

    Catalog Item and Web URL are two tabbed options.

    For Catalog Item, enter the title or author and select magnifying glass Search button.

         + Add is shown on an item.

    By the item you want, select + Add (small screens will show only a plus sign). It will appear on your list.

    For Web URL, enter the website address and select Okay. Add or edit the website title if needed then select Add.
  4. If you want changes visible to others, publish/republish your list.
    If you want changes visible only to you, your list will become a draft until you publish/republish it.

Add Items from a Search

  1. After searching the catalog, click an item's title to see its information page. Scroll down to the More from the community section.
  2. Select Add to list in the Community lists featuring this title section.

    Arrow indicating the Add to list menu under Community lists featuring this title heading.
  3. Choose Add to new list to start fresh or Add to existing list, where you can pick +Add to draft (for lists with an existing draft) or Create draft & add (to lists you've already published that don't have a draft).
  4. If you want changes visible to others, publish/republish your list.
    If you want changes visible only to you, your list will become a draft until you publish/republish it.

Annotate, Reorder + Delete Items

The Tacos of Texas has a link to Add Annotation, up and down arrows to move it, and a trash can icon to delete it.Annotate: To add a note about an item, go to My Lists and select Edit to the right of the list. By the item, select Add Annotation. Enter your note and click somewhere off of the note to save.

Reorder: To move items, click-and-drag anywhere on the item or use the up/down arrows.

Delete: To remove an item, click the trash can icon

Publish a List

When you create a new list, or when you edit or add items to a list, your changes are auto-saved as a draft. If you want these changes to "go live" so others can see them, you must publish your list (or re-publish it, if you've published it in the past) and choose who can see it. Here's how:  

  1. If needed, go to My Lists and click Edit to the right of the list name.
  2. Select the red button, Finished Editing...
  3. Choose who can see your list:

    Four options are shown with notes: 1: Everyone: Public to all. 2. People in a specific location: Choose USA, Texas or in my library - users in only that location will be able to see it. 3. Anyone with the link: People can't search for it, but anyone with the link can see it. 4 Only me:This keeps the list private to you.
  4. Select Publish.