How to Use the Catalog: Search

Enter Search Terms

Using the search box in the upper right, enter a title, topic or name (author, musician, actor, etc.). 

"Pride and Prejudice" has been entered in the search box, with Note: Click here to search (with an arrow indicating the Search icon, which looks like a magnifying glass).

For best results with one-word titles, include the author's last name: Son Nesbo

Use Filters to Narrow Results

Choose options on the left to show only what you want. If needed, first select 

Screenshot of search screen with 4 options indicated with notes. 1. Click More Locations then check the box by desired branches to see only items available right at those locations. 2. Click a Format then check the box by what you want. Results will update. 3. Select Fiction or Non-Fiction to filter out unwanted items. 4. Pick an Audience to see items geared to that population.

Also consider the Sort by menu on top of the results. Select Publication date to see the newest content.

The Sort By menu is shown, with an arrow pointing to Publication date.

Check Item Availability + Location

If you are logged in and the item is Available, it will say Available at a preferred location. If you have only one preferred library designated, then you know at a glance where it is. Learn how to change your preferred location.

If you are not logged in and the item says Available, select View Details. 

Screenshot of the Blu-ray, "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," with an arrow indicating the link, "View Details."

You can then see where it's located and its call number:

Screenshot showing libraries that currently have "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies."

If All Copies are in use or not at your preferred location, click on Place hold. You can also click the title to see a description and reviews.

Note: eBooks and other digital items from the Virtual Library will have a link to the item, e.g., Check out now on Hoopla, OR it will have a green Check out or Place hold button.

Learn about using digital items you find in the catalog.

Pin Active Filters

After running a search and applying filters, you can pin active filters. Your filters then apply to subsequent results so you don't have to re-select them after running a new search. The Active Filter Pin is at the top of your result list:

Screenshot showing that Active Filters are ON: Central Library, Graphic Novel, Adults

Select the Pin so it changes to ON.

Select the X by filters if you want to remove them, or select Clear Filters to remove them all.

When Active Filters are on, the search box in the upper right will have a pin icon:

More Help

For more search tips, see Help from BiblioCommons, the company that makes our catalog, or Ask a Librarian. We can give advice or email a list of results.

You can also try the Advanced Search.