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Yash is a teen volunteer at the Austin Public Library. He is fascinated by books because they are all their own worlds you can escape to. He enjoys playing the Dhol (Indian drums) and classical guitar with Maharashtra Mahza, a non-profit organization his father created to spread happiness and culture. He is on the competitive class debate team at his high school. His favorite past times are reading, 3D printing, and playing Magic the Gathering.

Zoë of zmuses

Zoë is a member of the Teen Library Council, as well as the lead for the Teen Fantasy Book Club. She created the zmuses channel to help people find new books to read, because she loves to read and loves recommending books to friends. Supplemental content for her videos can be found here.

Hanna Lou

Hanna Lou is a teen volunteer with the Austin Public Library.

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Want to be a vlogger with us? Are you an Austin Teen who already has a BookTube channel or want to create new content with us? Email kathleen.houlihan at austintexas.gov so we can discuss how to feature your work!

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