Zines: Vital SignZ: The APL Community Zine

What is Vital SignZ?

Welcome to Vital SignZ: The APL Community Zine. Vital SignZ is a collaborative zine made by and for users of the Austin Public Library. “Vital” because art is essential to life. “Signs” because we make art as signs of our existence and humanity. In short, art is both vital and a sign of life. The final capital Z stands for “zine.” It will exist in online format initially, supplemented by a print companion in the future. Each issues offers a variety of thematic and general content. The lifeblood of Vital SignZ is the rich literary, visual, audio and cinematic artwork of our library’s creative community. Everyone is creative, and everyone is invited to bring Vital SignZ to life and keep it pulsing.

Fast Facts

• Dedicated to our creative forebearers at Dallas Public Library’s DalLibZine.​​
• Aesthetic: lowercase catholic/ “Highlights for grownups”
• Motto: “We make art in order that we may not perish of the truth.”

Submission Guidelines

Vital SignZ is currently in a gentle, medically-induced coma. We hope to rouse it soon, and we look forward to your submissions. If you are clamoring for more Vital SignZ, please let us know at Ask a Librarian, and enjoy Issue 2 in the meantime.

Hot Off the Press

Visual Arts: Contributed by Chris, Sheila, Palfloat and Katrin


Literary Arts: Dying Traditions by Bryce