Storytime and Early Learners: Storytime "Kits"

Missing storytime? Us too! On this guide you will find thematic storytime "kits" for pre-school aged kids as well as resources for babies, flannel stories, singalongs, and more! Simply choose the tab that meets your need and enjoy!

Storytime "Kits"

Below you will find thematic storytime "kits" that pull together books from hoopla and other resources available on the internet. Check out a book, watch a video, sing, dance, create, and then talk about what what you thought about the whole thing! 


Sandy Feet! Whose Feet? book cover

Read: Sandy Feet! Whose Feet?
Read: ABCs at the Beach
Read: Chu's Day at the Beach
Read: Sally Goes to the Beach
Read: Sand Sister
Sing: Going to the Beach Song
Sing: The Goldfish (Let's Go Swimming)
Sing: The Waves on the Beach
Dance: Baby Shark
Create: Paper Plate Beach Ball

  1. What is your favorite thing to do at the beach?
  2. Have you ever ate sand? What were you thinking?
  3. What does the ocean smell like? 
  4. What can your find at the beach? 



Barnyard Boogie book cover

Watch: Farmer Duck
Watch: The Little Red Hen
Read: Baa Baa Black Sheep 
Read: Barnyard Boogie 
Read: To Market, To Market 
Sing: Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Dance: Four Kids Chicken Dance
Create: TP Roll Spring Chicken

  1. What sound does a cow make? A pig? Make other farm animal sounds! How many can you make?
  2. Pretend you're riding a tractor on a farm! What does it sound like? What do you see?
  3. What can you find at a farmer's market? What if you go in winter? In summer?


Arnie the Doughnut Book Cover

WatchArnie the Doughnut  

Read: Rude Cakes 

Sing: Popcorn 

Create: Draw a Cupcake 


  1. What is your favorite dessert and why?
  2. Play with measuring cups and filling them up. What cups are bigger? Which are smaller? How many times do you need to use a smaller cup to fill up a bigger cup?
  3. How did Pigeon feel when the duckling got a cookie? Did his feelings change? 

Hot Dogs Vs. Tacos

Watch: Dragons Love Tacos 

Read: Hello, Hot Dog 

Read: This is a Taco! 

Dance: Pop See Ko 


  1. do you prefer hot dogs, tacos...or SPAGHETTI?
  2. Have you ever had breakfast for dinner? Would you eat pancakes, eggs, or cereal?
  3. Take a poll, ask your friends and family what their favorite dinner is. Can you create a chart to display your information?


book cover of I Got a Chicken for my birthday
Read: I Got a Chicken For My Birthday
Read: Elmer's Birthday
Read: Bear's Birthday
Read: Birthday Cake
Read: Boa's Bad Birthday
Read: I Want TWO Birthdays!
Watch: Happy Birthday, Make a Wish!
Sing: The Birthday Song
Sing: Birthday
Dance: Celebrate
Create: Make a Cupcake

  1. What is your favorite flavor of cake? 
  2. Do you like cake or cupcakes better?
  3. What is your birthday? Do you know what year? How old are you?
  4. What is your favorite birthday activity and why?


Rain by Linda Ashman book cover

Read: Rain 
Read: Mud Puddle 
Read: When Will it Rain? 
Watch: Rain, Rain, Go Away 
Sing: Little Raindrops Falling Down 
Sing: Singing in the Rain Song
Sing: It’s Raining Jellybeans
Sing: It’s Gonna Rain
Create: Rain Cloud Craft 

  1. Do you like it when it rains?
  2. Do you notice any animals come out when it rains?  Hint: ribbit ribbit! 
  3. Where does the rain go after it falls?


Bark George by Jules Feiffer book cover

Watch: Bark, George 

Read: Such a Good Boy 

Read: Go to Sleep Monty! 

Sing: BINGO 

Create: Draw Dogs and Cats 


  1. If you could have any pet what would it be?
  2. What other sounds do animals make? 
  3. If you had a dog, what tricks would you like to teach it?


Read: Counting Dinos 


1.  How many of your foot prints do you think can fit inside a dinosaur foot print?  

2.  Would a dinosaur be a good pet? Why or why not?  

3.  Did you know that modern day birds are relatives of the dinosaurs from long ago? Look at some birds and see if you can see dinosaur-like characteristics. 


My Garden by Kevin Henkes book cover

Watch: My Garden 
Read: Flower Garden
Read: There's a Pest in the Garden! 
Read: Lola Plants a Garden 
Watch: The Tiny Seed 
Sing: Storytime Singalong: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Fingerplay: Dig a Hole
Sing: There's Something in My Garden
Create: Playtime Crafts: Nature Bracelets


  1. Get a paper towel a little wet and place it in a plastic ziplock bag. Then, put a pinto bean inside the paper towel. Tape the bag to a window that gets sun. Check the bag every day, and add a little water if the paper towel gets dry. What happens to the bean? 
  2. Look at some flowers for a little while. Did you see any insects or animals visit the flowers? What kinds? Why are they visiting the flowers
  3. What are the colors of some flowers you know? How many can you think of ?   


Watch: Gravity 

Read: Space Mice 

Sing: Rocketship Run  

Sing: Rocket Ship 


  1. Do you think there are aliens? What do they look like? Draw or create one out of craft supplies.
  2. Build a rocket ship out of a old box. What will you take to outer space?
  3. You're on the moon! moonwalk around the living room (make an obstacle course with your couch cushions and anything else you have on hand).

Ice Cream

what can you do with a paleta book cover

Watch: Picking an Ice Cream Flavor    


  1. What animal does ice cream come from? 

  1. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?  

  1. Do you eat ice cream when its cold outside?