Sound and Audio: Sound Maps

What are Sound Maps?

Sound maps are immersive sonic and visual tools designed to re-establish the location of audio recordings. Most geographic soundscape archives are built through a collective submission process, in which participating phonologists record audio in the field and upload content remotely. Sound maps may chart the soundscape of a particular urban area, delve into the sonic facets of the ocean (i.e. explore elements of noise pollution and cetacean songs) or reveal the acoustic ecology of rural landscapes.

Online Sound Maps

Spatially charted field recordings of public
 spaces around the world

 London Sound Survey 
 Sound recordings of places, events and
 wildlife in London

Nature Soundmap 
Professionally recorded nature soundscapes

 British Library 
 A variety of aural maps, including dialects, 
 soundscapes and wildlife recordings

 MoMA Studio Sound Map 
 An interactive sound map from the Museum
 of Modern Art

Seoul Sound Map 
Sounds from one of the world's largest cities

 Resource from the NOAA with whale
 recordings and noise pollution data

 Montréal Sound Map 
 Urban sound map in French and English

 Sons de Barcelona 
 A collection of recorded noise from one
 of the world's loudest urbanscapes

 Klankenbos Sound Forest 
 Uses auditory and aesthetic art to create
 an unusual experience.

 NASA | Earth Songs 
 Archive of the sounds of our planet

 Sounds of New York City (SONYC) 
 A hybrid, distributed network of sensors and
 citizens for large-scale noise reporting.