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  • Virtual visit for your classroom or youth group (e.g. book recommendations, how to use the virtual library, research skills workshops, literacy-supporting activities, and more)
  • Curriculum / Assignment resource support. Check out the Class Novels booklists linked at the bottom of this guide for schools we have received reading lists from. We also have lists of Culturally Responsive Reads, which are being added to the bottom of this guide. 

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Additional Resources

Videos from ACC Libraries

This comprehensive site contains a wealth of instructional videos that break down information seeking strategies into easily digestible bites. Everything from identifying keywords to plagiarism is covered by our friends at the ACC libraries!

APL Instructional Videos

Find the one book you need (instead of 9,000 you don't)

Study Hacks: Advanced Searching from Austin Public Library on Vimeo.

Watch More Tips by clicking the tabs above

  1. Advanced Searching: Learn how to use the catalog to search for a book
  2. Databases 101: Learn how to get ready to do research for a school project
  3. The Big 6The six steps to success on your next research project
  4. Virtual Tutoring & Writing Lab: Learn how to use BrainFuse for free tutoring daily 2-11 PM
  5. Virtual Library: How to access eBooks, eComics, Streaming movies and more!
  6. Faster eBooks: Long holds list got you down? Here are some hacks to get to the front of the line faster!
  7. eBook Etiquette: How to make wait times shorter for everyone
  8. eBook Holds: How to place a hold on Libby
  9. Creating a Schedule: learn this high school senior's tips for keeping on schedule
  10. Organized Notetaking: tips from a high school senior about keeping things organized

Teachers: Book-A-Librarian for a virtual class visit!

Got a Research Project? Databases are your new BFF.

Study Hacks: Library Databases from Austin Public Library on Vimeo.

Research project got you down? The Big Six can save you.

Study Hacks: The Big 6 from Austin Public Library on Vimeo.

It's way more than just eBooks...

How To Use the Virtual Library from Austin Public Library on Vimeo.

Number 58 on the holds list? This hack can help you jump the line.

Virtual Library Hacks: How to get eBooks faster from Austin Public Library on Vimeo.

Oh, so that's why they ask you if you want to return your eBook early...

eBook Etiquette: Return Your eBooks Early from Austin Public Library on Vimeo.

eBook checked out? Put a hold on it so you can get in line to read it next!

Virtual Library: Holds on Libby from Austin Public Library on Vimeo.

Class Reading Booklists

Class Novel Lists

We want to make your life easier, so we are compiling easy to browse-and-checkout lists of class novels. Below are links to reading lists from Austin area high schools, compiled by teens from the Austin Youth Council

If your school isn't listed here, just email your booklist or syllabus to kathleen.houlihan [at] and we can create a list for your class, too! 

Culturally Responsive Reads