Computer Training: Social Media

What is Social Media?

Social media are communication tools that people use on computers and smartphones to connect with one another and to share information. These tools include various online and mobile applications;(commonly called apps) and platforms such as websites, blogs, or online discussion groups. Many people consider the term social media to mean the same thing as social networking. However, social networking is a narrower term. Social networking websites on the Internet create virtual communities among their users. Through these communities, members can connect with other members with common interests. Social networking has played a large role in the development and growth of social media.

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Facebook is a social networking website that connects people with common interests. Facebook enables its users to keep up to date on one another’s activities. Users can send messages to one another and share pictures, videos, and interesting websites or articles. They can also join networks set up by such organizations as schools, businesses, and charities. Millions of people use Facebook around the world.

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The video-sharing Web site YouTube allows users to upload their own videos and to view and comment on original videos created by millions of other users worldwide. ... Some television shows and motion pictures are also available for viewing on the site, either for free (with advertisements running alongside the programs) or for a rental fee.

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Twitter (2006) A social networking site and microblog.

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Instagram (2010) A photosharing app enabling users to post photographs and very brief video clips and to share them on a variety of social networking platforms. It includes digital filters which can be used to give photographs a more professional appearance.

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