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How do I get started with eBooks and eAudiobooks?
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Android smartphones and tablets are named after their operating system, Android. If you have a smartphone or tablet and it is not an iPad or iPhone, you have an Android. Most NOOK tablets are also Android devices.

Developers: Samsung, Acer, Asus, HTC, LG and many more
Operating system: Android
Required account: Google account (a Gmail address)
App store: Google Play Store


Apple devices include the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. They are also called iOS devices, which refers to their operating system.

Developer: Apple
Operating system: iOS
Required account: Apple ID
App store: Apple App Store


Kindle Fires, aka Fire Tablets, are devices made by Amazon. They can be used for Kindle books but also as regular tablets for surfing the web, using email, streaming music and using other apps.

Developer: Amazon
Operating system: Fire OS
Required account: Amazon account
App store: Amazon App Store

Kindle eReaders like the Paperwhite, Scribe and Oasis are devices used exclusively for Kindle books purchased from Amazon or borrowed from the Library through Libby / OverDrive. Kindle eReaders can connect to the internet to download books but regular browsing (email, web surfing, etc.) is not available or is very limited.

Developer: Amazon
Operating system: Linux
Required account: Amazon account
App store: None. You cannot get apps on Kindle eReaders