Creative Writing:  


Writing is a creative act, but it also has structural elements that can be improved to enhance your writing. This guide provides resources to improve your writing as well as resources to assist in securing funding and publication. Have questions? Ask a Librarian!

Publishing, Publishers, and Publications

These resources provide contact information for publishers, magazines, editors, and literary agents. When soliciting a piece to a publication these resources will assist you in determining magazines and newspapers that best suit your work. Matching your work with a suitable publication will increase its likelihood of being accepted for publication.


Securing funding for your writing can be difficult. Well-known writers typically receive advances for their work, but it has become increasingly rare for lesser known writers to receive advances. As you write and look for funding, keep in mind you will typically need to have published some of your writing before receiving commissioned work.

Writing Groups

Writing is a solitary activity, but a group can provide insights and guidance to better develop your writing.