Coding: Getting Started

Learning to Code: Your Options

The Library has hundreds of books—in print and online—that help lay the foundation or deepen your understanding of coding. You can also watch video tutorials or use online interactive learning to experiment with code and learn by doing.

Library books and many online learning sites are free. At-cost classes online and in person may entail access to experts who can check your work, answer questions and connect you with employers. 

The best way to learn is whatever helps you stay focused and motivated to solve that problem, build that app, boost your career or achieve other goals. Good luck!

Networking Platforms

Considering a Boot Camp?

Coding boot camps can accelerate your learning. They can be expensive and time intensive but give your coding chops a boost.

Attend free classes and open houses, if offered. This is your opportunity to meet instructors and get a sense of their teaching styles, ask questions and find out if a particular class or company is a good fit.

Be realistic about the required time commitment, especially for boot camps. You're more likely to have a positive experience with an option that suits your schedule and preferred pace.

Read customer reviews and not just the glowing ones on the company's website. Find them on Yelp or Course Report, or do a web search for: [Company Name] Austin review

Find local boot camps (these lists are not exhaustive):

Online Communities