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Business Loans

Different types of financing are available at banks to small business owners. The major items that most lenders will require when you apply for a loan are: legal papers to establish ownership of the business; description and history of the business; resumes of owners and managers of the business; current personal financial statements of owner, partners and officers of the business; business plan; tax returns for the previous three (3) years; current financial statement of the business; list of proposed uses of the loan; list of assets and debts of the company; list of collateral of the company.

Qualifying for such loans at a bank may be difficult, particularly for start-up companies. Listed below are other lending organizations that offer loans to businesses that may not be eligible for conventional bank loans.

Venture Capital

There are private investors with money to invest in deals that might bring a higher return for their money, or benefit society. These people are generally difficult to locate, have investment advisors who screen their deals, and usually want to remain anonymous. Venture Capital can be government sponsored (SBIC), small funds made up of individual investors, large funds with institutional money, or corporate venture capital companies.


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The collective effort by people who network and pool their money together, usually via the Internet, in order to invest in and support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. Analysts estimated more than $34 billion would be raised through crowdfunding in 2015, up from $1.5 billion four years before. Visit for insights, research and advice about the crowdfunding industry.

Government Grants

The federal government does not normally provide grants for business startups or existing businesses.  Federal government grants are designed to assist businesses, but these usually don't go directly to the business. Instead, they go to agencies and organizations, many nonprofit, which perform some service for business or benefit business in some way.