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Upcoming Events

YouthRise is a local nonprofit that is striving to ensure youth age 18-20 turn out to vote. Need a ride to the polls? Help getting registered? Want to hop on a zoom call to learn more about voting for the first time? They can help!

Sign up for support from YouthRise and make your vote count!

Visit the Youth Rise website and sign up for support

National Youth Summit | Teen Resistance to Racial Injustice

September 22 [Recordings still available for viewing] | American History Museum

National Youth Summit events bring middle and high school students together with scholars, teachers, policy experts, and activists in a national conversation about important events in America’s past that have relevance to the nation’s present and future.

Regional Youth Summit | Teen Resistance to Racial Injustice

September 29, 1:30-3 PM  | Carver Museum ATX

The Carver Museum ATX will join the national conversation digitally and convene a deeply critical conversation with and for local middle and high school students. Featuring a "Be the Change" performance by SaulPaul joined by co- facilitators/panelists Dr. Theodore Francis, Huston-Tillotson University; Temeika Thomas, Manor ISD Board of Trustee member; Fredrico Geib, Education Coordinator-Teen Programs at Mexican American Cultural Center with Carver Educational Staff.

How Can the Library Help?

The Teen-serving staff of the Austin Public Library are here to support you in making your dreams a reality. Want to book us so we can figure out how we can support you? Email Kathleen.Houlihan [at] austintexas.gov

Tips for new voters

Did you know you can register to vote up to 2 months before your 18th birthday?

If you'll be 18 before voting day on November 3, register to vote today! Click the second tab above and use the Text2Register tool from the Travis County Clerk's office to get your pre-filled voter registration card mailed to you so you can get it turned in by the October 5 deadline.

text2register poster - text the word REGISTER to 48683 and answer a few quick questions to be mailed a pre-filled voter registration application that you can sign and mail back in a pre-paid envelope for speedy voter registration.

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Reading for Good

Books to help you be the change you wish to see in the world **

** To learn more about the history of the famous "Be the change..." mis-quote often attributed to Ghandi, read this Lee & Lowe interview from YA Author, Supriya Kelkar, about her search for this quote's origin for her book Ahimsa.