Seeds & Sustainability: Community Swaps

What are Community Swaps?

Community Swaps provide a space for people to meet and greet each other, give away items they no longer need, acquire those that they do and participate in sustainable living through reducing and reusing.  Swapping decreases waste, provides cost-free access to goods and contributes to equity, self-sufficiency and resilience.  Each swap has a theme.  Bring things to trade, exchange your items with those of others, and participate in the circular economy.

Upcoming Events

Next Up: Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets on Saturday, 2/25 from 11 am to 1 pm

Join us for a Community Swap in the Central Library 1st floor Demo Area and on the library's east grounds near Shoal Creek. This month we are collaborating with Eat the World to bring you a full day of cooking related events. Brings gently used kitchen supplies to share with others, and stock up for yourself. Index cards will be provided to swap recipes. For more information or to reserve a table for your swap items, please email us at Ask a Librarian.

Spotlight: Net-Zero Hero

Marcos Martinez, Managing Librarian at the Little Walnut Creek Library, is doing his part to ensure all Austinites have a chance to reap the benefits of nature. We met with Marcos at the Little Walnut Creek Branch Library to learn more about his work, passions, and his personal journey to sustainability. Read more.

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