Resources for Educators: Drawcember

Supplemental resources for teachers, parents, and other caregivers

Welcome to the Most Excellent Drawing Event of the Year for TWEENS!

Day 1: Even Barbarians Have to Go to Third Grade

Eastwood Elementary's new student is nothing like the other kids in 3G. Fangbone is a barbarian warrior from another world! And now you get to draw him.

Day 2: These Alligators Are Crime Fighters Not Crime Biters

Learn how to draw Mango and Brash!

Day 3: Let Me Tell You a Story...

These books are chock full of wild and unbelievable occurances. So what is your excuse? Draw it out and tell us all about it.

Day 4: There are Good Kitties and Then There is This One

On this episode of Ready Set Draw!, Nick will share his secret to drawing the perfect blank-faced, surprised, crazed, and adorable Bad Kitty. You'll be surprised what a difference the shape and placement of a circle can make!

Day 5: I Only Travel to the Moon With Cats

Learn to draw a Catstronaut and then design your own!

Day 6: Magical Creatures are Cool

Fill in the blanks in a pre-made Hilda story and then get a start on your own nature journal.

Day 7: Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does Whatever a Spider Can

Day 8: It's All in the Arrangement

Design an eye-catching Magazine Cover by playing around with images, text, and fonts!

Day 9: These Wings Are On FIRE!

Day 10: Nate is Bigger Than Ever

Write your own Big Nate comic...and then try drawing it!

Day 11: Join Li'l Petey and Tadpole Molly and Make Your Own Comic

Li'l Petey and tadpole Molly are running a weeklong comics workshop for 21 quarrelsome froggies. Now you can participate too!

Day 12: Unicorn Powers Activate

Design your own unicorn friend as well as other unicorn themed activities.

Day 13: Watch Out for the Beard-os!

Discover your Diary of a Wimpy Kid drawing style and draw your own book cover!

Day 14: You Don't Have to Bop a Unicorn on the Head to Believe...

Get inspired by Phoebe and her unicorn and imagine you have a magical creature for a best friend. It can be a unicorn, dragon, goblin, or something completely different!

Day 15: Cats in Space, Cats in the Ocean, Cats Cats Cats!

Learn to draw Captain Astro Cat! Design a rocket for him - he'll need one on his next adventure!

Day 16: A Superior Crimefighter!

Learn to draw Dog Man in 29 ridiculously easy to follow steps!