Resources for Educators: Drawcember for Kids 5-8

Supplemental resources for teachers, parents, and other caregivers

Welcome to the Most Excellent Drawing Event of the Year...for Kids!

Got Tweens? Head over here for drawing prompts for them!

Day 1: He is Going to Eat Us Up!

The Bunny family has adopted a wolf! And you get to learn how to draw him! Watch the video embedded below and download the printable for more coloring fun.

Day 2: They Do What to Doughnuts!?!

Arnie the Doughnut convinces Mr. Bing that not all doughnuts are for eating. Some are for drawing! Learn to draw Arnie and doughnut-ify yourself while you're at it!

Day 3: Spending Time with Loved Ones is Beautiful

Plan out a special visit with your grandparent or other special loved one. Draw a perfect portrait for a anytime treasure to share. 

Day 4: The Cutest Potato In the World

Use markers or crayons to decorate the pot with your own artistic flair! And while you are at it draw Pugtato too!

Day 5: Does He Bark? Only When He Wants To!

Draw you own pet portrait! It can be the pet you currently have, the pet you'd like to get, or anything you can dream up. 

Day 6: Life is Phenomenal and So Are You!

This Phenomenal Life tells the story of the wondrous ways that humans are always completely at one with our surrounding world. Everything is connected to everything else, like right now you are connected to your colors and imagination!

Day 7: Pssst! There is a Mouse in the Library!

Ready. Set. DRAW! Draw Sam the library mouse and then download a coloring sheet to extend the fun.

Day 8: Who Doesn't Love a SECRET?!?

Black Rock is home to hundreds of different ocean creatures. Can you draw a few that might make their home here?

Day 9: Happy Narwhalidays to you!

Day 10: It is Winter Where are the Flowers? They are Still in Your Markers!

Day 11: Get ready to Shell-abrate!

Draw the turtle from ALFIE!

Day 12: P Zonka, Folk Art Hero

Draw your own pysanky (richly decorated eggs) using your favorite colors and designs.

Day 13: Get Ready to Collage!

Illustrator and author Vanessa Brantley-Newton demonstrate what tools we need to make a fun-filled collage! Gather up your supplies and start making your creative collage!

Day 14: Peep Can't Wait for Egg to Hatch.

On this episode of Ready Set Draw!, Joyce Wan, the illustrator of Peep and Egg: I'm Not Hatching draws the spring ready characters from Laura Gehl's eggscellent picture book.

Day 15: We Love LLamas!

Move at your own pace and learn how to draw two characters from Angela Dominguez’s picture books — a “tortuga” and llama — in this episode of Ready Set Draw!

Day 16: Why Did The Goose Cross the Road? I Don't Know! He Looked Too Serious to Ask.

Do you have what it takes to turn this serious goose into a silly goose? Draw and find out!