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When you look for images on the internet it is important to pay attention to copyright. You may not use materials that are protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright holder (with exceptions). See our Copyrights, Public Domain, Trademarks & Patents guide for more information.

By using images in the public domain, you may avoid issues of copyright. Public domain images are no longer protected by copyright, or are from the federal government.

You may also avoid issues of copyright by utilizing the Creative Commons licensing system. Creative Commons copyright licenses allow creators to choose which rights they reserve or waive over their creative property.

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D.C. Women's Sufferage Demonstration, May 9, 1914

NYPL Picture Collection

A Christmas shopper

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Austin, Texas. State capitol, 1943

Wikimedia Commons

Durga, Burdwan, 2011

World Digital Library

Bucolics, Georgics, and the Aeneid