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Thanks to Penn State University Library "Fake" News Information guide.

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Online Newspapers - Austin American Statesman, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and dozens more.

Online Magazines - Choose from over 200 magazines using RBDigital Magazines.

Online Journals - Research articles using Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, Business Source Complete and more.

Thanks to Penn State University Library "Fake" News Information guide.

Online Newspapers - Austin American StatesmanNew York TimesWall Street Journal, and dozens more.

Online Magazines - Choose from over 200 magazines using RBDigital Magazines.

Online Journals - Research articles using Academic Search CompleteJSTORBusiness Source Complete and more.

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A special thanks to the  ALA Public Programs Office and their article Fake News: A Library Resource Round-Up for providing many of the links and resources here.

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Fake News - How to spot it!

How to Spot Fake News. Consider the Source - Click away from the story to investigate the site, it's mission and it's contact info. Read Beyond. Check the Author. Are there supporting sources? Are those sources real? Check the Date. Reposting old news doesn't mean they're relevant. Is it a joke? It might be satire. Check your biases. Could your own beliefs affect your judgement? Ask the Experts. Ask a librarian, or consult a fact-checking site.

Articles - Peer Review

Use Peer-Reviewed Journals - UT Austin Libraries tell you why peer-reviewed articles have the most reliable information.Fight Fake News with Austin Public Library. Image of bulldog wearing rabbit ears headband. Text under picture, Austin, TX. Scientists in Austin, Texas, have found a previously undiscovered species of rabbit. Dr. Iam Batty from The University of Texas at Austin's School of Sciency Science explained that the decidedly canine species, Leporidae Bulldoggious, emerged during the Precocious Era. For more details read The Austin-American Onion.