Intellectual Property: Creative Commons

Some Rights Reserved

Copyright is all rights reserved. Creative Commons is some rights reserved. Creative Commons licenses work with traditional copyright to enable easier use of things you create, and allow you to reuse work from others. Creative Commons licenses replace the individual negotiations for usage rights that traditional all rights reserved copyright requires.

Creative Commons

Visit the Creative Commons website to learn more about CC including how to: Share your own work or Use & remix other people's work in your projects.

Types of Licenses

There are six different types of Creative Commons licenses, with some allowing for using, sharing, and remixing while other license types may allow for a work to become a part of the Public Domain.

Learn more about the licensing types as well as what they mean.

Finding CC Licensed Content


Attribution includes information about CC licensed content you use from others. Ideal attribution includes the title of the work, author, a link to the source, the type of CC license, and a link to the CC license.

TASL - Title, Author, Source, License

Learn more about providing attribution from the Creative Commons Wiki.

From Creative Commons, follow the steps to select the appropriate license for your work.

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