Coronavirus (COVID-19): Financial Assistance

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments

Will I Get Money from the Stimulus Bill? (COVID-19)

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Need a Health Plan Now?

Food Assistance and SNAP Benefits

Note: Resources listed here may have suspended or modified services offered due to COVID-19. Contact the provider directly or call 2-1-1 to confirm services currently being offered.

Check out the City of Austin's website for info on meeting basic needs during COVID-19, including health and hygiene, food access and more.

See if you qualify for Hope Food Pantry's Stay Home, Stay Healthy grocery delivery program. Check eligibility here.

COVID-19 update from Your Texas Benefits: SNAP recipients can now make online purchases from Amazon and Walmart. Learn moreSNAP recipients will get the maximum amount for their household size (if they don't already) for June. Find the maximum monthly SNAP amounts.

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